Foreclosure Defense

A foreclosure is just like any other lawsuit. The bank has to prove that it is the right party to sue you, that it has complied with out pre-suit requirements to file the foreclosure lawsuit, and that it is suing you for the right amount of money.  Foreclosure Defense is the practice area of making a bank prove its case.  If the bank can’t prove by the greater weight of the evidence that it did what it had to do and that its records are reliable, the courts will throw out the foreclosures.  Our firm has participated in over 100 foreclosure trials. We are aggressive trial lawyers who demand strict proof of every level part of the bank’s foreclosure cases against our clients.

On a typical case we combine a loan modification with foreclosure defense, much as a football team has both an offensive and defensive squad. The loan modification is the offense working to score a payment that is affordable.  The foreclosure defense is more of the defense holding back the bank’s push to get a foreclosure judgment in the courts.