“There is nothing like waiting for that knock on your front door to be served foreclosure papers. Desperate after consulting with another attorney I decided to go to the courthouse to look up some paperwork on our home. As I was getting the paperwork I ran into an attorney who worked for the banks and though he could not directly help me I asked him which foreclosure defense attorney would be his highest recommendation. I will never forget his response. He said, ‘If you want the guy who is the biggest pain in the butt for the banks I would suggest Malcolm Harrison.’ Since the courthouse was closing I got the paperwork I needed and immediately called Mr. Harrison’s office. Due to the urgency of my situation, Mr. Harrison offered to see me that night. I don’t think I was even able to come in to see him until roughly 8pm. Yes he was still working, he gave me all the time I needed and said he would put in an emergency hearing with the judge to stop the final judgment. He did just that! The simple fact is, if it wasn’t for Mr. Harrison I would have lost my house a few years ago. Furthermore by virtue of time I received a letter one day that explained that our second mortgage was completely wiped away free and clear. It was for a very large amount, which has now given us equity in our home and Mr. Harrison and his amazing staff are now in the middle of negotiating a loan modification for us. My heart goes out to anyone who is facing foreclosure and my suggestion is, if you want help, just as that bank attorney advised me that day in the courthouse ‘you want the guy who is the biggest thorn in the banks side, call Malcolm Harrison’.”


“We were many years into foreclosure and our lender seemed determined to take our home. Luckily, we had engaged Malcolm Harrison and his team. With their help we were able to work things out with a very uncooperative lender. Malcolm, Michelle, and William have a world of knowledge and demonstrate endless patience. They returned our calls promptly, something unheard-of with most attorneys. And yes, they do answer midnight emails. With that kind of diligence, it’s not surprising that they are so successful. The holidays will be better this year, knowing that our house is ours once again. And as we give thanks, you can bet we will be grateful for having met Malcolm Harrison.”


“When I first signed up with Malcolm Harrison’s law firm, I was already in a really bad position with my home. I hadn’t made a payment for 2 years and I was served papers to appear at court. I had already been to mediation and I was a few months away from losing my home. I drove 2 hours to see Mr. Harrison because an old colleague of his told me he was worth it, and boy was he right. He sent me monthly newsletters that highlighted what the banks were doing and what he was also doing. I was always well informed of what was going on and I feel like Mr. Harrison and a lot of his other staff and lawyers really truly cared about whether I lost my house or not. I would email Mr. Harrison or other staff members late at night with my concerns and funny enough I would always get an email back at 11 pm or 1 am because Mr. Harrison was up working. Thanks to this law firm and the caring staff I kept my home, my principle was reduced, and my mortgage is now affordable. There is no doubt in my mind that I would have lost my house without them and I know they pride themselves in a job well done.”


“My husband and I have been struggling for some time now to make ends meet. We were unable to pay our mortgage. We were in danger in losing our home, and like most families it is one of the scariest positions to be in. Fortunately there was a light at the end of the tunnel for us. A friend recommended Malcolm to me, and after that our lives totally changed. Malcolm and his staff worked very close with us and the bank, and were able to bring our mortgage down to a very affordable monthly rate. We went from paying $1900.00 per month to $1236.00 per month including taxes and insurance. What more can we ask for? My husband and I are very happy with our new payment. We are now able to keep our home and have a roof our family’s heads. I will continue to recommend Malcolm to my family and friends. Malcolm and his staff are truly the best.”


“We were in default on our mortgage and were served with foreclosure papers in September 2012. The value of our property had decreased and we no longer were interested in fighting the Bank. Malcolm Harrison’s office was recommended by the public aid department of Palm Beach County. Mr. Harrison spent time with us exploring the situation and agreed to represent us in an attempt to negotiate a deed in lieu. He and his staff were very diligent and available. We heard from them weekly with updates. Plus, when we had questions, they responded immediately and professionally. The bottom line is that the firm brought the negotiations to the desired conclusion in less time than originally estimated. Foreclosure was avoided and a deed in lieu was obtained.”


“I brought my case to Malcolm’s office in 2011. I really wanted to keep the property; I just couldn’t afford the payments. With Malcolm’s help, I was able to stay in my home for some time allowing me to save money for a modification. After submitting my financials to the office, they sent a package to the bank requesting a loan modification. I was approved for a HAMP Modification and I was forgiven my second loan of $48,000.00 by Bank of America. My credit report now shows that our loan has been ‘modified’. Mr. Harrison’s office helped save my home and I am so grateful for this.”


“When I came to Malcolm in 2010 they had already set a Sale Date for my home. Mr. Harrison was able to stop this sale date. In 2012 I received a loan modification with Ocwen. I was given a Shared Appreciation Agreement with a lowered principal balance. With the help of Malcolm and his staff, our monthly payments have been dropped. Now I can make my monthly payments without the fear of losing my home.”


FHA Foreclosure Testimonials

We were facing foreclosure when we reached out to Malcolm Harrison and his staff.  Malcolm took on our case on a contingency basis and did not charge us anything at all.  Only through their expert knowledge of the law did we realize that ours was not your textbook foreclosure at all.  Malcolm, Michelle, and Danielle never wavered in their diligence and put forth the extra effort needed to win our case.  Through it all, they remained very personable and friendly, but also professional, legally accurate, and knowledgeable with prompt replies to all our questions and communication in layman’s terms.  We will be forever grateful for all their efforts and would recommend them to anyone needing similar legal advice. 


I was so happy to receive Malcolm Harrison’s letter in the mail to help me with keeping my home. His letter different from other attorney”s letters was his compassion to help me keep my home.  He immediately got on the phone when I called with his so very qualified staff.  I knew immediately he was an attorney who was compassionate for my situation and spoke with such professionalism. I hired him immediately! He was so well prepared when we appeared before a judge. Even the judge was quite impressed! He helped me get a loan modification with his staff and I can’t express how appreciative I am to him and his staff.  His staff were always there for me when ever I needed a question answered.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


I would like to take a moment and thank Malcolm and his team for the extraordinary job they did for me by saving my home. I am a single mother of three young children, I have an FHA loan. Unfortunately, I fell on hard times, leading me to fall behind on my mortgage. I was not able to able to come up with the money, nor was my lender willing to work with me to bring my loan current. I stumbled across Malcolm’s Firm which turned out to be a blessing. His office staff Michelle as well as Malcolm explained everything to me, including giving me frequent updates on my case. There where Times where I felt scared and nervous, however Malcolm was always just a phone call or an email away. Not only did Malcolm and his team save my home, but they also made sure it was affordable moving forward. I will forever be grateful for Malcolm and his team and would recommend his firm to anybody having mortgage difficulties.


Esta carta es para todo aquel que se encuentra en peligro de perde su casa . Mi nombre es Carmen gracias a DIOS y a Malcolm Harrison voy a cumplier 18 anos en Mi Casa.aqui en Orlando Florida Llevaba mas de 8 anos peliando el foreclosure de mi casa .despues de aver perdido mi trabajo En eso anos yo ha aplicado por cuanto programa hay que dicen que ayudan a uno salva su casa y ninguno me puedo ayudar. Haciendp todo lo que mi  compania de mortgage me pedia . Aplique para Floridas Hardest Hit fue aprovada 25000$ directo para el mortgage pero todavia no me daban un modificasion . tome clase y fue a  programs de ACORN y  Hispanic Community pero todavia mi compania de mortgage US BANK negaba en dar me una modificasion. Ya no encuentraba que mas aser . Me llegaban tanta carta de realtor y abocado diciendo que me podrian ayudar pero cuando hablabas con ellos era empocible que yo le podria pagar lo que pedian . Ya despues de tanto mal rato hasta enfermando me peliando este foreclose me resigne y me puse en las manos de DIOS le pedi que si fuera su vulunta que yo me quede en mi casa que me posiera un abogado que me ayudara sin que yo le tudivara que pagar. Te digo eso fue lo que yo pedi y eso fue lo que mi DIOS me mando ! Despues de recibir tanta y tanta carta de abogados ya yo lo que hacia era tierar la sin abrir.pero que habia una que me dio con leer. . Despues de tanta mala noticia cuando hablaba cin los abogados yo no confiaba completament en este haci que le mande su informacion a mi hermano que sabe un poco mas que yo y el me dijo que si trata no tiene nada que perde. Y era la verda ya el baco me estaba quitanso mi casa. Cuando primero hable con Malcomb me senti un poco tranqila .Despues fue que me recorde de lo que le pedi a DIOS. Cuando conoci a Malcolm por primera ves fue en la corte todo lo papels todo lo haciamos por telefono y computadora. fue una gran sopresa para mi por no solamente mi DIOS me lo mando negrito per que habla Hispaniola tambien !! Cuando entramo ante del juez y el voy mi abogado el juez mismo me felicito y me dijo TIENSE TREMENDO REPRESENT . Y asi fue y es. Pelio mi caso por 8 meses y como digo G.A.D. me mando a Malcolm ganamos!! Yo ahora pago meno de lo que pagaba cuando primero compre mi casa. Atodos que esten en peligro de perde tu casa confia primero en DIOS y despues en MALCOLM .


Hi everyone!!     I would like to take a moment to say thank you for the excellent experience that I had with Malcolm Harrison associate and all the team members. During these hard times that everybody is facing the whole team came through and help me and my family save our house and for that we were always we appreciate everything y’all have done for us. I will be recommending Malcolm Harrison and associates to other people that are in need or need help. Again thank you and God bless. 


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