HOA Foreclosure Defense

Did you know that you can lose your home in a homeowner or condo association foreclosure case even if you are current on your mortgage? 

Associations have the right to foreclosure your home for missed payments, and they have exercised these rights tens of thousands of times in Florida.

Are you behind on your association payments? If so we can help you defend your case in court and also make payment arrangements with the associations. 

HOA foreclosures can be tragic. The worst story was a former client who paid her assessments automatically. The association increased the fees by $5 but my client never increased her payments. Before she knew it, her association was after her for $14,000 for late fees, interest, and – above all – their attorney’s fees, which the associations have the right to collect from the homeowners.

Don’t lose your home because you feel behind on your fees.  Reach out to us, and we can help you make arrangements with your association ASAP.